When I was a girl, I visited an elderly lady next door who fascinated me with stories of living on a prairie farm, hitching horses  and going to town as if it were nothing more than getting in a car.  It was a simple occurance…like chores, slopping pigs, feeding chickens, collecting eggs, and hanging out laundry.

Time has passed, more than I want to admit, and I’ve noticed that  we are getting farther and farther from these  simple roots.  As a writer, you know what I mean. We spend a great deal of time researching little known facts to make our stories come to life as accurately as possible. We want our readers to not only enjoy our stories but live them.  True, we may only use ten percent of what we’ve learned but, if what we share gives our readers this true-to-life experience, we are overjoyed.

We want our stories to be as accurate as possible…the right period clothing, the right foods, the right manners…but how about riding a horse correctly? Oh we can find information on basics of horses and horsemanship. But wouldn’t you like to know the  touches that could make your riders stand out and shine or look more ridiculous if you wish.

This is my goal. I hope you join me in this interactive journey into the horse world.  Now, get ready to ride.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do   “I Am-Horses”