Rain– water falling from the sky: Reign-a king’s time on the throne: Rein– part of a horse’s bridle, leather or rope attached  to a horse’s bit and is held by the rider…usually. (Don’t make this mistake. Trust me; it happened.)

A heroine can easily tell what kind of lover a man is by how he handles the reins of his horse and thus his horse. That is the Lover’s Touch….

To understand this you will need: two coffee mugs sitting no higher than an end table NOT near your computer, one  extension cord or twine or ribbon 5-7 feet long, and two cups of water. Place the mugs  4-6 inches apart on table about three feet from where you are sitting  and thread the extension cord through the coffee mug handles. Pour water into the mugs to brimming full.

Mount your mount/your chair or ball facing the mugs. Pick up one fake rein with one hand and lace it…around your ‘pinky’/little finger, take it across your palm and over ‘pointer’s’ /first finger’s first knuckle and hold with your thumb….do this with the other fake rein in your other hand. With the thumb and first finger pull the rein in the opposite hand until there is tension between you and the coffee mugs.  Do again with the other rein until you feel contact. (This is how you hold and shorten reins… no kiddin’) Notice the water shaking in the mugs as you do this….this is communication to the horse…he knows you’re about to do something.

Sit up, eyes on the mugs, shoulders back, hips under you. Hands no higher than your waist. The position of the hands are preferably at a 45 degree angle at your wrist…not flat, not vertical, and relaxed. Remember: the mugs are the horse’s mouth and the water is your communication to it. 

Now QUICKLY tighten your LEFT ‘pinky’ finger. Did water splash, tremble out of the LEFT mug?   Did the mug move?  Try this with the right ‘pinky’. You are telling the horse to turn left or right. (You knew this…right?)

Now, SUDDENLY grip both reins with both hands…HARD. What did the mugs do? Jerk? Splash? If you wanted to, you know you could jerk those mugs right off the table. Now think…if the bit was in your mouth, how would you like being jerked around like this?

A rider can have soft hands with an easy touch/a lover’s touch, or hard,abusive,hands/a cruel touch. Knowing this, you know how to make a character  mean, heartless, cruel, commanding, angry and uncaring. Or, as your hero/heroine will be …soft, gentle, caressing because he or she needs only that touch to say what he or she means.

As for the horse- all horses are born with a ‘soft’ mouth as lover’s hearts…and become hard with hard/cruel use. Ride gently my friends, communicate softly.

Watch the riders in the video and see if you see movement in the legs, weight and hands:

(Trust me, a horse would prefer just grazing in a pasture and moving at will.  These horses are doing what is asked.)

But what if your hero is a cowboy,how does he hold his reins…or if there are four reins?….Stay tuned. That’s next