Val and Me

A girl and her horse

I have loved horses since I was born.I dreamed about them, drew them, made notebooks about them, and wanted them. But we lived in the city, on a busy street and my father said they were too much work. “I’ll do it, I promise.” But he still said no. But my parents did give me riding lessons and miracles of miracles, (a long story here) Valjean’s Nobility came into my life.

Val and me

Val and me

He was an American Saddlebred Five-gaited Pleasure horse…and my best friend…Valjean’s Nobility. Together, we showed in various five-gaited classes and ultimately won Reserve World Champion Five-gaited Pleasure Horse in 1967

Man of Integrity aka 'the big horse'

Man of Integrity aka ‘the big horse’

I also had two other American Saddlebreds…Big Deal a three -gaited  horse and Man of Integrity or as I called him ‘the big horse’ cuz he was. He was also a three gaited horse who loved harness/driving.  To them, I was groom, rider, trainer and over all pest. As everyone knows, life comes with changes and mine came by falling in love again and getting married, having a family. The kids grew up and I became a writer of historical fiction.

Like riding, writing is an art.  I started this blog to help writers ride right. To us horse lovers who know this world as writers know their world, nothing…and I mean nothing…upsets us like a writer letting their characters ride like we drive cars.  But for many, that is all some writers know about this magnificent animal.

So being a writer and a rider, I thought I would share what I know to help writers everywhere avoid making mistakes and give writers more tools to use when they write their stories that can make their heroes ride like a stud . If you have questions about using horses in your stories, have a problem you, drop me a note here and I willl be happy to assist.


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